Whooo are you? Potter rocks out at Peel

Whooo are you? Potter rocks out at Peel


TT blog: The Who rock the Island

By Marc Potter -

 31 May 2007 10:03

Last night’s TT practice may have been cancelled, but that didn’t stop the Island being filled with the sound of heavy metal.

But while TT legends including John McGuiness and Michael Rutter were gutted not to pile in some more laps, they made up for it with front row seats for one of the world’s biggest bands – and The Who didn’t disappoint.

With an amazing light show, a completely blacked-out marquee and an electric atmosphere they blew the roof off the packed 10,000 capacity marquee and the usually sleepy seaside town of Peel didn’t quite know what had hit it.

Although the Centenary began on Saturday, most TT fans reckon last night’s concert was the first proper opening to the real Island celebrations, and 10,000 people on their feet to ‘Pinball Wizard’ and ‘My Generation’ will pay testimony to that.

And The Who were lapping it up, coming back on for an encore and playing for more than two hours to the TT crowd, and they were simply staggering and reconfirmed why they’re one of the must-see bands ever.

But while Britain’s largest temporary structure, and the largest venue the TT has ever seen, rocked out to Pete Townshend playing air guitar and Roger Daltrey strutting about the stage, commanding the audience, Douglas felt a bit flat.

It’s still early on in the calendar but taking 10,000 people and putting them in a marquee is a brilliant idea, it meant that Bushy’s on the promenade was missing some of the usual fun and antics and the atmosphere felt a little subdued.

But it’s only Wednesday, and it feels like the Island’s getting busier and more up for it by the minute. I’ll keep you posted how we’re getting on...