Tommy Robb's AJS 7R sold for £46,376

Tommy Robb's AJS 7R sold for £46,376


Tommy Robb's 1962 AJS 7R sells for record price

By Michael Carroll -

 29 February 2008 13:30

A fully restored 1962 AJS 7R single-cylinder motorcycle once raced by Tommy Robb, was sold for a record price of £46,376 at auction this week.

Previous auctions have struggled to raise over £20,000 for a 7R, with the bulk of classified adverts asking £15-20,000 at most.

Robb rode the fully restored bike to 14th place at the 1965 Isle of Man TT, achieving an average speed of 89.51 mph, however his failure to win the event means the price paid for the motorcycle at the H&H Classic Auctions-run sale in Cheltenham, is enough to raise the eyebrows of our colleagues at Classic Bike.

“It’s definitely a record, particularly for a bike that didn’t win at the TT,” Brian Crighton, associate editor of Classic Bike, told MCN.

The bike was fully restored early 2008, and was sold with letters from Tommy Robb and subsequent owner David Hunt, detailing its full history.