Moto Morini accessories

Moto Morini accessories


Moto Morini Accessories

By MCN News Desk -

 31 July 2007 14:51

Moto Morini have introduced a new range of accessories for its 91/2 1200cc naked V-twin.

The accessories will enhance the performance and easy-cruising abilities of the V-twin.

The new accessories range includes a fly screen, tank bag and a single pannier. The fly screen helps to deflect windblast from the rider’s torso, greatly improving comfort at higher cruising speeds. The fly screen is constructed from anti-scratch polycarbonate and come already supplied with a bespoke mounting kit. The screen costs £139.00.

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Morini offer two luggage accessories in their new range, the first of which is a 26-litre tank bag, sculpted to follow the lines of the fuel tank. It is secured to the tank on a harness which for ease of use has quick release straps.

There is a map pocket on the top and the bag comes with rucksack straps so it can be carted around easily off the motorcycle. It is priced at £99.00.

Further carrying capacity is added with a specially designed pannier for the right hand side of the motorcycle, away from the high level exhaust on the opposite side.

The pannier has a capacity of 25-litres and is supplied with a tailor made simple-to-install frame. The pannier is priced at £149.00 including fittings.

For more information contact Moto Morini on: 01202 823344.