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Staff blog: Roman Holiday

First rides & tests

 05 July 2013 10:08

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My ride to Rome is now a distant memory (see MCN July 3) but I'll always have a load of holiday snaps to remind me. Here are some that didn't make it into the paper and also the links to the Google maps for the four day route...

Day one, Calais to Reims: http://tiny.cc/79c1yw
Day two, Reims to Geneva: http://tiny.cc/qfd1yw
Day three, Genava to Genoa: http://tiny.cc/led1yw
Day four, Genoa to Rome: http://tiny.cc/4gd1yw

Considering the 1230 mile trip was 70% motorways (we deviated from the routes quite a bit!) the Street Bob was armchair comfortable only becoming a pain in the neck (back and arms) over 75mph. With the optional forward foot controls fitted, ground clearance wasn't an issue when we hit the hairpins over the Alps and the 'punching the air' riding position was ideal in the thirty degree heat when we finally rolled into Rome.

Next on the list for the Street Bob is some mild tuning and modification. Power wise I'm hoping to break the 100bhp mark (a stock 96 engine makes around 65bhp). Looks wise the plan is to strip off some of the shiny bits and take the bike back to it's 1940's roots with a So-Cal twist. It's going to be immense.