How to spot an email scam

By David Cushman -

 07 December 2006 10:52

April 21, 2005: I contacted my client client about this,as soon as the cheque is being issued out to you i will mail you,i will like you to remove the advert of the bike,i will get back to you soon.

The cheque didn’t show up. So, like any concerned seller, we chased them up. Here’s the response we got:

April 28, 2005: I will like to tell you that i am very sorry for the delay and inconvenence that i have cause in this transaction,i will like you to know that all was from my client's side not mine,never the less i will like you to know that the cheque has already been sent down to you and you should  receive it on or before friday, i will like you to know that my wife died few days ago so i will not be arround personally to recieve the transfer that you will made via Western union money transfer so i am handing over all the remaining works to my assistance,he will be the one to pay and arrange with the shipper here as soon as the transfer of the balance on the cheque is done to him,he will be the one that you will make the transfer to has well,so the name and address will be given to you below,i will still be mailing you and you will be replying into my box and also i will call you but you will have to make the transfer to my assistance,  JOHN LEKAN, 12 COMMONWEALTH AVENUE, PALMGROVE ESTATE, LAGOS. NIGERIA, 23401.

So because of the great need of money for myself and the arrangement of some other necessary things urgently i will like you to go to the nearest cashing point or you make a fast clearance of the cheque which will clear with 1-3 days, as soon as you recieve the delievery of the cheque and then you can cash the cheque  instantly there,after then you should deduct the money for the bike and make the transfer of the balance down to John Lekan today or tomorrow when you recieve the cheque and from the balance on the cheque you will deduct the comission for the transfer which might be at the most of 10% comission and also the comission for the cashing of the cheque at the cashing point which is also at most of 10%,i will like you to make the transfer via Western union money transfe r,when you have made the transfer after the cashment  when you recieve the cheque,i will like you to mail me back with the information of the transfer like the name and address of sender,the test question and answer,the Control number(MTCN),and also the amount sent,i will like you to get back to me instantly with the transfer done so as to start preparing for the things at hand here and they are urgent and also so John can send the shipping payment to the shipper and also some cash to me for the preparation of the funerial ceremony of my wife,i will like you to get back to me as soon as the transfer is done ,thanks for all, i do appreciate the understanding and patience on this transaction.

THIS ARE SOME WESTERN UNION LOCATION  NEAR YOU (he, very kindly, listed them all).

There then followed a series of emails apologising for the delay in the arrival of the cheque, new dates by which it would arrive etc