African scam

By Anonymous -

 04 November 2007 13:21

Well guys here is another scam, I'm selling my bike it says '1 lady owner' this is the 1st email I received.


This is Dave, i saw your bike advert placed on net and i will like to make the purchase from you, please if it is still available kindly tell me because i am interested in the purchase for my Son, it will be a gift for is graduation so I hope it is presentable. i will like you to get back to me with the current condition, your stated selling price, your phone number where i can contact you and lastly i will like you to know that payment will be through a cheque. Best Regards.


I replied about my bike this was his reply when bells start ringing!!!!!


Thanks for your response I will like to inform you that I do appreciate your response and interest in transacting with me,I will like to inform you that I will be purchasing the bike from you with the price that you have given me (£4250) but unluckily for me I can't come for the view because I have traveled to Africa on vacation with my wife who is based here and my son who schools here but nevertheless I will like to inform you that with the information that you have provided to me and the one that I have seen on the advertisement that the Bike is in Good condition is okay to keep me assured that my son will not be disappointed about the Bike.

I will want you to know that the payment that will be sent to you will include the shipping cost because it will be issued by my Creditor so once the cheque has clears in your account you will then assist me to send the remaining balance on the cheque via western union money transfer to the shipping company that will come for the pick up shipment of the bike and also they will be the one that will assist me to sign the paper work,title transfer and all other necessary document that is needed to be signed for.So once you have accepted to do this for me I will want you to mail me with the name to write on the cheque and also the address to send it to so I can instruct my creditor to issue and send the cheque to you immediately,I will be expecting. Regards Dave P.S sorry I can't give you a call at the moment as the network here is incredibly bad but as soon as i get a good reception, i will give you a call. 


 previously worked for Lloyds Bank so told him i still worked there and that the cheque would be subject to the normal bank fraud checks done on foreign cheques!! Guess what I haven't heard back from him Thanks for the tips!!!!!