Buying/selling fraud

By Simon Wright -

 15 November 2007 15:57

I recently advertised my own bike on loot and recieved very similar emails to the ones in the African scam story.

When i received the cheque I was slightly suspicious so took it to the local branch of the issueing bank and was told it was a legitimate business account and paid it into my bank but 2 days before it was due to clear there bank cancelled it, so I contacted the buyer who shortly afterwards sent me another cheque for the same amount but a personal cheque which I was also very suspicious of, so instead of banking it I took it to a cheque cashing shop who will be letting me know if it has cleared tomorrow, if not it will only cost me the £25.00 fee.

 I have also emailed the buyer to inform him that I will be taking the £536.00 commission fee out of the remainder after I've taken the amount for my bike, this was supposed to be for the shipping agent. Will let you know how things go, yours sincerely Simon Wright