Faith restored

By mick harper -

 28 April 2008 23:12

My story begins with the purchase of my dream bike a blue black honda fireblade 900 rr3, months of looking and finally I get one from CMC in Cannock.

Three days later the bike is back in the shop with a nasty rattle, on inspection it's dead they tell me. The shop loan me a fazer thou to play on whilst they sort another bike for me, after sending a poor bloke down to London to ride back what looks like the perfect replacement (in the pouring rain) only to find what some people's idea of perfect bike is not always the case, gutted no replacement.

After many apologies from the shop and a change from fazer thou to 08 r1 we agree on a full refund. After much thought on my behalf I agree to try a older R1, I like.

They sell me the bike for not much more than what I originally paid for the blade.

Now I have a newer bike with less miles on the clock, happy again.

What I would like to point out is how much trouble this shop whent to for me, they loaned me two 08 bikes and bought me another to replace what I had and then lowered the price of another one to a closer match to what I had spent in the first place.

I can not express how grateful I am to this shop, they have really restored my faith in bike shops as there are others that would have just fixed the first bike and that would have been the end of it.

Please print this story as one way of saying a big thankyou to all the staff at CMC CANNOCK.if there is ever a prize for dealer of the year these guys deserve it. thanks mick.