Buying an unregistered motorcycle

By chris -

 06 February 2008 12:40

I recently attended a motorcycle show and was interested in a show bike which was advertised by one of the accessory stalls. I was told that the motorcycle in question was a new bike and unregistered.

I subsequently paid a deposit and received a receipt stating that the motorbike was sold registered and taxed.

I am now trying to arrange pick up of the motorcycle, but have been informed that it requires a pre-delivery inspection prior to registration, which the vendors are not prepared to undertake as they are an accessory company and not a motorcycle dealer.

I would therefore have to pick the motorcycle up on a trailer and arrange for a pre delivery inspection and registration myself. They would then send me a cheque for six months tax.

Am I correct in assuming that the Bill of Sale constitutes a legal contract and that if the motorcycle is supplied without a registration document and tax they are breaking that contract?

The motorcycle should be registered and taxed. I have been informed that it has not been registered.