Photographing your bike

 30 March 2008 00:00

Photographs are a great way to attract potential buyers to your bike. And with both MCN Classifieds and MCN Acutions offering the chance to put multiple pictures and even video online, it's worth taking your time to show your bike in the best light.

The pictures, right, show the difference some common sense and some simple techniques can make. All were taken using an inexpensive Epson L-500V digital camera. And in just a few minutes you can make the difference between a bike that sells, and one that stays in your garage.

Here are the top ten tips from MCN's staff photographers:

1. Make sure your bike is clean!

2. Don’t shoot your bike stuck in the garage. Shoot it outdoors in daylight, preferably sunshine.

3. Don’t just wheel it out of the garage and park it right next to the wall. You want as much distance behind the bike as possible. This makes the background less clear, in contrast with the bike, so you’ll concentrate more on the bike.

4. If your camera has zoom, especially optical zoom, then don’t be lazy. Zoom it as much as it will go and then walk backwards from the bike, cutting down the amount you’ll see in the backgroud.

5. Lay down! Bikes always look better when photographed from low down, so lay down or at least kneel down. Your mates might laugh, but your bike will look better.

6. When lying on the floor, move to fill the whole frame of the picture with your bike. Noone wants to see the compost heap ten feet to the left or the old paint cans behind it.

7. If your flash is quite powerful, then use it. It will help take out any of the shadows on the bike.

8. Depending on the bike, turn it to a good angle. Most bikes look best from a front three quarter view, going from right to left, but yours might be different.

9. If you’ve got a digital camera then take loads of pictures. Move the bike around, try different things and then choose the best of the bunch.

10. No matter how cute or funny, don’t take pictures with children, girlfriends or wives on the bike. You’re trying to sell your bike not entertain.