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Aprilia RS125
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Used Motorcycles: Aprilia RS125 buyers guide

By MCN -

 08 April 2009 14:31

Price new: £3,799
Engine: l/c two-stroke single, 124.8cc
Power: 30bhp (derestricted)
Top speed: 97mph
Weight: 126kg 

The Aprilia RS125 is the last of the two-stroke sportsbikes. It oozes style, with gorgeous big bike styling that apes the Aprilia RSV1000R. It's also one of the best handling bikes on the planet, capable of serious lean angles and corner speeds. Fantastic for teenage kicks and roundabout surfing. 

The Aprilia RS125's highly tuned 2-stroke motor is as peaky as you'd expect - at low revs in town it coughs and splutters, all of the power is in the top 2k of the rev range. Not very learner-friendly, but rewarding when you keep the revs up and get it right.  

Most RS125's will have been thrashed and abused by teenage riders, so when buying used exercise caution. The RS125 is no cheap date - it needs to be fed high-quality fully-synthetic two-stroke oil and warmed up to 50 degrees before riding. Quiz the owner to make sure they did this. Check for crash damage too and make sure you get an MCN BikeCheck done since the Aprilia is popular with thieves.

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