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Honda Fireblade (2002)
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Used Motorcycles: Honda CBR900RR Fireblade (2002) buyers guide

By MCN -

 30 April 2009 17:21

used price: £1,435 - £4,085
Engine: l/c 16v inline four, 954cc
Power: 149bhp
Top speed: 170mph
Weight: 168kg

For 2002 the Honda Fireblade got LED tail lights, new clocks, a works-style swingarm and slightly sharper plastics. In top trumps terms the competition of the day was better, but the Fireblade excelled on the road and still does.  

The 2002 blade is pretty comfy for the rider and ok for the pillion, especially compared to todays more-focused sportsbikes. The mirrors are good, the clocks are comprehensive and it even has some underseat storage.

Because of the 2002 Blade's small size and quality chassis it invites you to thrash it from day one. Don't be surprised if it shakes its bars under hard accelleration, especially over bumps. But its just a warning and all part of the fun!

Honda Fireblades are pretty much trouble free, but conrod failures have been reported on bikes that get thrashed extra hard. Also check to make sure that the steering head bearings were replaced as part of a recall, if the handling seems a little off that could be the problem.  

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