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Yamaha R6 (2006)
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Used Motorcycles: Yamaha R6 (2006) buyers guide

By MCN -

 30 April 2009 17:01

used price: £3,630 - £5,250
Engine: l/c 16v inline four, 599cc
Power: 131bhp
Top speed: 165mph
Weight: 161kg

The 2006 Yamaha R6 was the most high-tech, track focussed motorcycle you could buy when it was released. Rapid, gorgeous and sometimes frustrating on the road but still easy to fall in love with. 

On track the Yamaha R6 is very hard to fault. On the road it's a little too committed for frequent town work or bumpy British B roads, but as a sunday toy it's capable of lines and corner speeds that seem impossible on other bikes.

Yamaha claimed the R6 has an 18,000rpm redline, but they were telling porkies. In reality it's 15,800rpm. Keep it spinning and the R6 rewards with 131bhp, but don't let those revs drop because there's no midrange waiting for you down there.

Like a lot of recent Japanese bikes, problems are pretty much non-existent. Check for road salt damage, but chances are a lot of R6's will be fair-weather only bikes.

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