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Used Motorcycles: BMW F800S buyers guide

By MCN -

 03 August 2009 16:59

Used price: £3,900 - £5,900
Engine: 798cc parallel twin, 6 gears
Power: 84.5bhp
Top speed: 140mph
Weight: 182kg    

When the BMW F800S was launched it filled the gap between the German firm's entry-level 650's and 1200cc big-boy bikes. It's got power, character and even style - in that no-nonsense industrial way BMW are great at.

The F800S is easy to ride, making it a great if somewhat more expensive alternative to entry-level motorcycles like the Suzuki SV650S. For the extra cash you do get reliability, build quality and lots of gadgets like fuel gauge, gear indicator, adjustable levers and belt-drive - so no mucking about with chain oiling or adjusting.

But don't label the F800S as a newbie-bike, it's fun enough to excite more experienced riders as well. The motor is great on the open road if a touch snatchy in town. Handling is stable but it's more agile than you might imagine. It's semi-sporty riding position its comfy enough for distances yet focused enough to encourage silliness when you're in the mood.

The build quailty is 5-star good, you can see it was built to last, which is perfect because its the kind of bike you might buy just after passing your test and hold on to for a long time afterwards.

One thing worth noting when buying is that some owners dislike the ABS system, which can be a little bit 'on and off'. It's worth taking a test ride to see if you get along with it. A non-ABS version is available. If you plan to tour you may also wish to consider the F800ST, which is the same bike but with a taller screen, higher bars and a luggage rack.

The BMW F800S is undeniably quite a lot of money compared to the competition, but it's a classy bike. The good thing is that they hold their value well, making it more of an investment than the cheaper alternatives.

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