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Used Motorcycles: Hyosung GT650 buyers guide

By MCN -

 21 August 2009 11:07

Used price: £2,000 - £3,600
Engine: 647cc V-twin, 6 gears
Power: 79bhp
Top speed: 130mph
Weight: 180kg    

Look familiar? The Hyosung GT650 is very similar to the Suzuki SV650 and utilises the same 650cc v-twin motor. It's nice looking for the price (especially the latest model in white) and will do it all if you're after a bargain commuter or first big bike.

The suspension is on the harsh side, but with fully-adjustable front forks and a preload-only adjustable rear shock you can play with settings to get it right for you. It's nice to see a budget bike that hasn't been cursed with the obligatory too-soft suspension, plus the relatively high pegs and high bars put you in the mood to chuck it about.  

Hyosung have squeezed an extra few bhp out of the SV650 v-twin, giving it 79bhp overall. Later models have fuel-injection, but the first GT650 was carb-fed. In the SV650 the motor was bulletproof, so there shouldn't be any problems with reliability.  

The build quality and styling isn't quite as slick as the SV. You do get USD forks and a good pillion grab rail, but on early models you get the same 2 piston caliper on the front and back, so don't expect SV levels of stopping power.

When buying check to see where your nearest Hyosung dealer is to make sure you have support locally. Also be extra careful not to drop it on the right side - the water hose is exposed so even a walking-pace spill could leave you stranded.

Because the Hyosung brand isn't as highly regarded as other more familiar names, they tend to depreciate. If you can get a good deal on a late model consider it - there's nothing wrong with the Hyosung GT650. But if you can afford a little extra for the similar yet superior SV650, go for that instead.

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