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Used Motorcycles: Honda C90 Cub buyers guide

By MCN -

 26 August 2009 12:14

Used price: £400 - £1,400
Engine: 85cc air-cooled single, 3 semi-auto gears
Power: 8bhp
Top speed: 50mph
Weight: 82kg     

The Honda Cub is the biggest selling vehicle in the world. The C90 version is dirt cheap to buy and run, easy to maintain and simple to ride. Later versions have CDI ignition, but fundamentally its been the same since the first version in the 1960's.

As you might expect, the humble C90 is slow. You'd be lucky to hit 50mph and it's geared for good fuel economy rather than acceleration. It's all about getting from A to B with the minium of fuss, effort and cost. The three-speed clutchless gear change is idiot-proof. 

The C90 handles nicely enough for what it is - a commuter. Sure the forks are soft enough to rise and fall under braking and the drum brakes aren't exactly fierce but they're enough to cope with the C90 power.

You don't get much with a C90 - leg shields, fuel gauge and a comfy seat are about it, but many owners fit extras like top boxes and screens so look out for examples with useful aftermarket parts.

When it comes to the Honda C90, there's one stat that stands head and shoulders above the rest - 100mpg. No matter how hard you ride it, the humble C90 will give you at least 100 miles for your gallon. 

Check the downpipes for rust when buying as they tend to rust through and snap near the manifold.  Also make sure the clutch isn't knackered by taking it for a run up a hill.

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