Beware of scammers

By Sean-Paul Bradley -

 04 October 2008 20:24

I received this scam email in offer for my bike when I advertised it recently...

This is Jason, I saw your bike advert placed on net and i will like to make the purchase from you, please if it is still available kindly tell me because i am interested in the purchase for my Son, it will be a gift for is graduation so I hope it is presentable. i will like you to get back to me with the current condition, your stated selling price, your phone number where i can contact you and lastly i will like you to know that payment will be through a cheque.

I have replied that the last time anyone attempted to offer full price by cheque without viewing my vehicle it turned out to be from a stolen book and was part of a moneygram money transfer scam.

Do not accept cheques! Even after they 'clear' they can still be withdrawn..