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98 Yamaha R1
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Used Motorcycles: '98 Yamaha R1 buyers guide

By RiDE -

 30 March 2009 13:48

Price new: £9,199
Engine: dohc 16v inline four, 998cc
Power: 150bhp
Top speed: 170mph
Weight: 206kg

Forget the first Fireblade, this is the machine that really set the standards by which modern superbikes are measured. It put 140 rear wheel bhp to the road in a clever fashion. Although the frame was super-compact (and used the motor as a stressed member) it used a stacked gearbox to get the length down, so a longer swingarm could be used for greater stability. 

There's still precious little that can touch the four-piston brakes, nor the five-valve motor for midrange flexibility or top-end frenzy.

Most, if not all, will have bene thrashed, but provided it's been regularly serviced and not seen too much high-rpm track action it'll be fine for well over 60,000 miles. Look out for tachos that stop at 7000rpm on start-up - it's the diagnostic code for a sticking EXUP valve.

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