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Suzuki SV650S
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Used Motorcycles: Suzuki SV650S buyers guide

By MCN -

 07 May 2009 13:16

used price: £900 - £3,510
Engine: l/c 8v v-twin, 645cc
Power: 69bhp
Top speed: 123mph
Weight: 169kg

The SV650S has been a massive sales success for Suzuki. It beautifully combines a sporty look and feel that owners can be proud of with an easy-going and practical character. It's the kind of bike you can learn to ride on but still enjoy for a long time afterwards when your confidence grows. It's also an absolute bargain used.  

If you're very tall you might find it a bit cramped, but otherwise the SV650S is a comfy bike - the clipons give a satisfying sporty feel without being too low. The handling is light and well-balanced, the components may be budget but it all works.

Originally launched in 199, the first SV was a curvy affair. It gained sharper looks, fuel-injection and a new frame in 2003, but the original model is still high desirable - many prefer the jelly-mould styling and as such the older bikes hold their value better than they probably should.

The SV650's engine is a peach. It might only make 69bhp, but it has such a useful spread of power. It loves to rev and offers satisfying grunt without the jerkiness normally associated with v-twins. That combined with the super-smooth gearbox make it a joy to use.

There are no reliaiblity issues with the SV650S. It is prone to rust and corrosion as you would expect, so take care of it if you plan to use it all year round. Overall it's a very sensible used buy - you can pick up a tidy example easily with change from £2,500. Just check to make sure it hasn't been raced, since a few bikes could be veterans of the mini-twins race series.

Cheaper bikes (Suzuki’s GS500, Kawasaki’s ER-5) can’t match the SV650's performance and bikes like Kawasaki’s ER-6 and Yamah's XJ6 are too new to compete against older used Suzuki SV650s on price. It remains a stylish and classy buy despite its increasing age.

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