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Honda CBR600RR
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Used Motorcycles: Honda CBR600RR (2003) buyers guide

By MCN -

 15 May 2009 12:49

used price: £2,160 - £5,010
Engine: 16v, inline four, 6 gears
Power: 115bhp
Top speed: 160mph
Weight: 163kg

The Honda CBR600RR is a track-focused weapon, replacing the soft and cuddly Honda CBR600F that - lets face it - probably makes a lot more sense on UK roads. Still, the CBR600RR is a stonking bike if focused and uncompromised is what you're looking for. Comfort wasn't high on Honda's list of priorities when designing this bike.

The handling is 5/5 good - a clever system mounts the shock in the swingarm like the Honda RCV211V MotoGP bike. Big lean is possible and the CBR600RR is smooth and stable on track, although it can get a little slappy on bumpy roads. Modern supersport tyres help to cure this.  

The Honda CBR600RR's powerplant needs to be revved to get the most from it but that's part of the fun in this type of bike - don't expect good fuel economy if you plan to ride it properly.  

Build quality is typically Honda, it should last ages if cared for. 2003 and 2004 models were recalled to fix a fault that caused the rear brake to seize, so make sure the bike has had this done, especially if its a parallel import.   

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