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Honda Blackbird
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Used Motorcycles: Honda Blackbird buyers guide

By MCN -

 22 May 2009 10:41

used price: £1,585-£6,315
Engine: 16v, 1137cc inline 4, 6 gears
Power: 164bhp
Top speed: 176mph
Weight: 223kg

The Honda CBR1100XX Blackbird was once the fastest production motorcycle money could buy. Today it's a supremely useful hyper tourer that combines comfort with enough grunt to butcher foreign motorways. As a package it's hard to beat.

The comfy riding position and aerodynamics make the Blackbird a great option if you've got serious miles ahead of you. The suspension is a bit soft though and it's no light-weight at 220kg dry, so the Blackbird works best on smooth sweeping roads. Even better on straights.

The Blackbird's bulletproof 1137cc powerplant is great everywhere - low down torque gives way to meaty midrange followed by a mental top end rush.

Build quality is good and reliability is excellent, even by Honda standard. The Blackbird is an incredibly well put together machine, which is one fo the reasons why they hold their value well. Cam chain rattle has been reported but having the tensioner replaced is no big deal.

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