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Yamaha XJR1300
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Used Motorcycles: Yamaha XJR1300 buyers guide

By MCN -

 29 May 2009 11:41

used price: £1,222-£4,575
Engine: 16v, 1251cc, in-line four 5 gears
Power: 105bhp
Top speed: 139mph
Weight: 224kg

The Yamaha XJR1300 is an old-school twin-shock man's bike. It's a feel-good, air-cooled monster that's perfect for sunny sundays and one of the definitive retro roadsters. It may have evolved over the years, but it's had a grunty motor, sweet handling and 2-up comfort from the start. 

The XJ1300 is a handsome motorcycle, especially in Yamaha speed-block livery. It's built for sunday cruising rather than all-out thrashing. In town it's easy to steer and it handles flowing A roads well, but push too hard and the ride gets a little bouncy which is your warning to back off a little. Brakes that started life on an R1 are top quality.

The big torquey motor is what this Yamaha is all about. The 1300cc powerplant makes bags of effortless thrust. Models from 2007 onwards got fuel injection to satisfy Euro3 plus a catalyser exhaust, thankfully without affecting the performance noticably.

The XJR1300 is good value for money - the Honda CB1300 is a better bike, but it costs more. Build quality is good but avoid riding it in winter if you want to keep the shiny bits shiny.

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