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Maintenance & Modifications

Sometimes we just can’t resist tinkering away with our motorcycles. The shiny new end can begs to be bought, keeping you awake at night with thoughts of its low rumble. Not only do modifications look cool, they’re usually fun to fit too.

You must declare to your insurance provider any modification you make to your bike that alters its standard form, even if it doesn’t affect your bikes performance.

Many modifications will not alter the price of your premium in any way. Crash bungs, suspension, braking and even up to a 5% engine capacity increase usually do not have any impact.

It is a common concern that the insurer will instantly whack your premium through the roof at the slightest whisper of that performance exhaust, but this is not always the case. You should check with your insurer prior to modifying anything on your bike so you can discuss any price changes beforehand.
Failure to inform your provider would most likely result in them refusing any pay-out in the event of an incident; especially if the modification played a part in the claim or increased your machines power output.

Even fairings and screens must be declared. Whilst a new fairing probably won’t make your bike go faster they can add aesthetical desirability to your machine. This in turn makes them more attractive for bike thieves.

If you’ve got the urge to fit a turbo, nitrous or a 300 section back wheel your current provider may not oblige and you’ll have to find another company. The good news is that there are plenty of insurers out there who specialise in custom built bikes so do not fear. If you call MCN Compare’s modified bikes phone number (0844 409 7596) you can talk to someone directly to get the best quote.

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