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Yamaha FZS1000 Fazer
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Used Motorcycles: Yamaha FZS1000 Fazer buyers guide

By MCN -

 02 June 2009 14:04

Used price: £1,960 - £4,290
Engine: 20v 998cc in-line four, 6 gears
Power: 143bhp
Top speed: 160mph
Weight: 208kg  

The Yamaha FZS1000 Fazer may have an R1 engine sat in it's frame, but this is no mental naked. Instead it's a great real world motorcycle, perfect for sports touring yet just as handy for nipping to the shops or ferrying you to work and back. 

The ballistic R1 motor has been detuned for use in the Fazer, with different cams, a heavier crank and different carbs. Gone is the top end power of the R1, replaced with more usable low down torque. It still needs revving though if you really want to get the most from it.

The brakes are from the R1 as well and they work well - almost too well for the soft suspension. It's still a composed and predictable ride that works well at most speeds, but push hard and the undercarriage can drag and things get wallowy.

Fit a higher Screen and the Fazer makes a great sports tourer - especially since it comes with decent underseat storage and pillion space, good mirrors and a centre stand.

The Fazer is generally a very reliable mile muncher, but check for corrosion and bare in mind that the EXUP valve is prone to seize if not maintained.

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