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Triumph Speed Four
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Used Motorcycles: Triumph Speed Four buyers guide

By MCN -

 10 June 2009 16:59

Used price: £1,950 - £3,400
Engine: 16v 599cc inline four, 6 gears
Power: 97bhp
Top speed: 136mph
Weight: 170kg  

It might look a little quirky, but don't write off the brilliant Triumph Speed Four. The handling and brakes are superb, build quality is excellent and the whole package is way ahead of the used budget naked competition.   

The Speed Four is Triumph's factory streetfighter version of their TT600, which was a bike famed for it's sublime handling. The Speed Four gets the same great chassis and brakes (with braided hoses as standard), so expect to discover lean angles you've never even dreamed of.

The Speed Four also gets the TT600's engine but it's been tweaked and refined to get rid of the TT's injection problems. The Speed Four is still a little snatchy in town but when you get it on the open road it's fabulous - lots of midrange and great acceleration.

The finish is great - the main competitors on the used market for the Speed Four (like the Hornet or Bandit) are great bikes in their own right, but you can tell they were built to a budget. Not so on the Triumph. It used to be that the Triumph's superiority came at a price, but these days you can pick up a good example of the Speed Four with change from £3000.

There was a recall to change the non-metallic fuel hose connectors for metallic ones, so when buying make sure that was done. Otherwise components and general finish is good and should last.

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