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Security & Theft

Overnight parking
One of the major factors affecting how much you fork out for your insurance is where your bike will be kept overnight. The safest place is inside your house, although this is not always possible.

Insurance premiums are significantly slashed if the motorcycle is wheeled inside the house or tucked up inside a locked garage when compared to the cold drive or the dreaded street.

If your bike is destined to brave the elements then counter measures such as insurance approved security devices will drive the premium price down.

Security devices
A padlock and chain can go a long way in deterring the chancing thief’s of the world. As well as a visual and physical deterrent the chain can also lower insurance prices.

A chain that is industry approved (Sold Secure or Thatcham), coupled with a securely fixed ground anchor can significantly drop your premium.

Chains and anchors can be expensive, especially for quality products, it may even take some time to cover the savings you made on the insurance. However, you are securing your motorcycle and it is an investment. After all a £100 chain is easier on the wallet than a stolen motorcycle.

Approved Immobilizers, alarms, tracking devices and security markings are all options to consider and will also lower your premium.

If your motorcycle has been stolen your insurance provider needs to be informed immediately.

Information needed to make the claim includes year, make, model and mileage of your motorcycle, location it was stolen from, date and time it was discovered stolen, and police report number.

All theft claims require a police report to be filed. Unfortunately, expect your premium to go up if you are to claim on the policy. 

A theft will have to be declared to an insurance provider every time you renew your policy regardless of which provider you chose. Some insurance providers may require you to inform them of any claim up to 3 years ago whilst others will ask for 5.

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