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Going Abroad

Motorcycle travel is a beautifully special, liberating experience. To travel on unknown roads or tracks through foreign lands may be one of the most exciting things you will ever experience.

The beauty of motorcycle travel lies in its carefree nature and a certain way to spoil that is having the worrying nag of insurance swishing around inside your helmet.

The difficulty with travel insurance lies with what bike you will be using and where you are going.

Before setting off on your adventure you must first speak to you insurance company as they all have differing policies regarding travelling abroad.

Some insurance providers may not cover foreign travel at all, the majority will cover 30 days in Europe and some may give 365 day European cover. It is extremely rare that a motorcycle insurance company will provide cover outside of Europe as standard.

Once you leave the Schengen zone your cover will stop. This zone covers countries in Europe where you don’t need to show your passport to gain entry.

Although it is worth double checking if there are any additional countries that your insurance company will cover that are not in the Schengen zone such as Croatia which is usually covered as part of European cover. While other countries such as Romania are not.

If you are planning on riding your brand new £10,000 BMW out of Europe, be sure to take appropriate cover for the cost of your machine. You would normally need specialised additional cover and this can be expensive.

You will be expected to buy additional cover at certain borders regardless of what insurance you may already have. For example, when travelling to Turkey, even if you are covered for the country, you will still have to purchase Turkish third-party cover at the border.

If however, you are planning on taking your cheap £200 Yamaha TTR across the world it may not be worth insurance past Europe (insurance in Europe is mandatory) as the prices can go through the roof. You will need to purchase country specific third-party insurance at every border anyway so what’s the point? 

Don’t just choose the top result MCN Compare gives you, because on face value it’s cheapest. Take the time to see which quote gives you the best extras and best cover. You may end up paying a little more, but it’ll certainly be worth it.

Search for the best provider who will cover your machine for wherever you want to go, but don’t expect cheap price tags. Your current provider may add further countries for an additional cost.

Furthermore, personal cover is highly advisable. This can purchased through non-motorcycle related insurance providers. Do not skimp on this as medical bills can run into tens of thousands of pounds. Make sure your insurance covers your motorcycle and personal repatriation is included.

It’s boring but be sure to read the fine print of your policy and make sure it specifically says you can ride a motorcycle (not just a 125cc or scooter) for the period of cover you need. Some policies restrict riding to 30 days.

Riding events and racing
Most insurance providers will not cover your bike for any type of event as standard due to the risks associated with them.

Track day, enduro, motocross, racing and so on all require specialist insurance and would not be covered on a standard road policy.

Track day insurance, for example will usually have a high excess around the £500 mark but is available as single day or weekend cover.

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