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What to do if you are involved in an accident with an uninsured driver

MCN, 19 April 2010 16:50

Paul Fuller had a crash last week: “I was riding my bike along the high street when a car coming in the opposite direction suddenly turned right immediately in front of me. "I braked hard, but my bike collided with the car, and I was thrown down the road and broke my leg. "Thankfully the car driver told me that ...

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Motorbike insurance advice: Non-fault accidents and insuring bike kit

MCN, 09 April 2010 17:16

Non-fault accidentsWhen you are making a motorbike insurance comparison, be sure to include all the accidents on your motorbike, even if you didn’t make an actual insurance claim, or there wasn’t one against you. Say you came off your motorbike and it slid along the road and hit a car in front three years ago, writing off the bike. But ...

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Cheap motorbike insurance - three alternative tips

MCN, 19 February 2010 17:00

There’s so much information out there that it can be hard to track down cheap motorbike insurance. Going on-line has made the process a lot easier when it comes to looking at the offers. Once you have covered all the obvious bases to improve your quote, what else can you do? Tip 1 - MoveYour motorbike insurance is affected by ...

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Five tips for cheap bike insurance

MCN, 05 February 2010 14:27

Everyone wants cheap bike insurance, but what can you do to reduce your premiums? Here are five simple tips that should save you money. Tip 1 - Use your GarageOne of the best ways to ensure cheap bike insurance is to garage your bike at home. Some insurance companies will even go as far as not covering an ungaraged bike, ...

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Motorbike insurance advice: shop around, watch your mileage and be honest

MCN, 29 January 2010 11:08

Looking for cheap motorbike insurance? Well, if you’re reading this on a computer screen, you’re already in the right place. It used to be the case that insuring your motorbike would take days of calling round insurance brokers and firms to get the best deal, playing one off against the next. But you can now get really good deals on ...

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Motorbike insurance: read the small print and choose your excess wisely

MCN, 26 January 2010 14:56

Getting the lowest possible quote for your motorbike insurance can sometimes seem like a black art. But there are some tips that help you bring down the likely cost of your motorcycle insurance, including reading the small print of any proposed motorbike policy. It might sound obvious, but not everyone does it – let's face it, we're all busy people, ...

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Can hi-viz clothing make a difference to your claim?

MCN, 07 January 2010 17:54

Whenever there’s a debate about the merits of high visability clothing and daytime running lights, someone usually claims they know a “friend” who has made an insurance claim due to an accident, but their compensation payment was reduced due to them NOT wearing hi-viz gear. Get cheap motorbike insurance with MCN Compare But the facts are that motorcyclists are simply ...


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