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How to make an insurance claim

If you ever have to make a claim, keeping your wits about you at the time will pay dividends when it comes to getting your claim settled quickly and fairly. Your insurer will need to know this basic information: Date, time and place of the incident; details of the other vehicles involved; details of the police officer in attendance. Finally, ...

  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • 23 March 2012

Motorcycle insurance: How to claim for a crash on mud

If you lose the front of your bike on mud and straw while braking at a T-junction on a country lane like Rob McLean did, then you may be able to claim compensation. “Judging by the tyre tracks the mud and straw was left by a tractor. There had been some overnight rain but the road surfaces were dry apart ...

  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • 16 July 2010

Motorcycle insurance advice: moving house

Hands up who’s put important paperwork from their insurance company in the 'filing' pile and forgotten to look at it? Or maybe you’ve moved house and forgotten to tell your insurer your new address and that renewal notice hasn’t reached you? That’s what happened to Terry Cuthbert from London: “I was riding my bike along Bromley High Street a month ...

  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • 25 June 2010

Badly surfaced work car parks

Riding to work is a great way to beat the traffic, especially if you have got a works car park to leave your bike in safely. But what do you do if the car park is in a shocking state with potholes and sharp objects that mean you have picked up numerous punctures? The law says that employers have a ...

  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • 04 June 2010

What to do if you’re knocked off on a roundabout

Q. I was travelling along the A505 in Hertfordshire last May, on one of the roundabouts.  I was in the nearside lane and wanted to take the second exit. I indicated having passed the first exit and as I was pulling off the roundabout  a car came from my left from the first exit and side-swiped me. Save cash on ...

  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • 28 May 2010

Motorbike insurance advice: Non-fault accidents and insuring bike kit

Non-fault accidentsWhen you are making a motorbike insurance comparison, be sure to include all the accidents on your motorbike, even if you didn’t make an actual insurance claim, or there wasn’t one against you. Say you came off your motorbike and it slid along the road and hit a car in front three years ago, writing off the bike. But ...

  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • 09 April 2010

Motorcycle insurance advice: bike recovery and disclosing offences

Your motorcycle insurance comparison has led you to a good firm that has given you fully comprehensive cover for a very reasonable price. Unfortunately, three months in and your bike is stolen, but the police find it and contact you to pick it up. Don’t rush in, otherwise the police might use an expensive recovery firm and try and hit ...

  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • 09 April 2010


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