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Injury claim dropped because of conviction?

MCN, 15 October 2010 10:30

In May 2010 I was convicted of driving without due care and attention in the Magistrates court as a result of an accident I was involved in 5 months before. I was riding in the bus lane in London (allowed at that time in the morning) and went to undertake a car driver in the outside lane who I thought ...

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Registering an unfinished frame

MCN, 07 October 2010 17:59

Oldbiker1950 has got a Yamaha TR1 which is in need of major restoration and he also has a Rickman Metisse frame which was obtained from the factory in the late 80's when it closed down. “The frame is in an unfinished condition which means it was never allocated a frame number. I know that I cannot build a "special" and ...

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What to do if you disagree with a speeding ticket

MCN, 18 June 2010 14:30

If you get a speeding ticket through the post, which you really disagree with, you are able to request details of the camera used to capture you and its calibration certificate. You are also entitled to request the photograph and video (if a video exists). You can do so before pleading not guilty, though they do not have to give ...

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Badly surfaced work car parks

MCN, 04 June 2010 10:00

Riding to work is a great way to beat the traffic, especially if you have got a works car park to leave your bike in safely. But what do you do if the car park is in a shocking state with potholes and sharp objects that mean you have picked up numerous punctures? The law says that employers have a ...

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What to do if you’re knocked off on a roundabout

MCN, 28 May 2010 15:48

Q. I was travelling along the A505 in Hertfordshire last May, on one of the roundabouts.  I was in the nearside lane and wanted to take the second exit. I indicated having passed the first exit and as I was pulling off the roundabout  a car came from my left from the first exit and side-swiped me. Save cash on ...

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Motorbike insurance advice: Failing to stop for minor collisions

MCN, 19 April 2010 16:24

If you have even a minor collision with another vehicle always stop to inspect the damage and possibly exchange details with the other driver. Alex Dawes didn’t, and he’s in a bit of trouble. “I was riding along the left hand lane towards a junction alongside stationary traffic and needed to change lanes in the gap at a junction to ...

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Motorcycle insurance advice: don't accept their first offer

MCN, 19 February 2010 16:11

It is unfortunately the case for a motorcycle insurance company to make low first offer if you have to make a claim. Insurers will of course want to pay as little as possible and the first offer usually reflects that. But first things first. When your renewal comes around, make sure your bike is accurately valued. There is no point ...

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Do I need a solicitor if the police interview me?

MCN, 10 February 2010 15:06

Q. I recently had an accident with a car when I was filtering past a line of stationary traffic and this car suddenly decided to make a U-turn without any indication. I tried to avoid a collision but rode into the side of his car. It clearly wasn't my fault. ow the police have contacted me and want to come ...

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Should I accept an offer from the MIB?

MCN, 21 January 2010 15:44

Q. I had a bike accident when I lost control of my Triumph Sprint because some idiot ran me off the road. He left the scene.  Save cash on motorcycle insurance I had whiplash injuries and damage to my kit and bike. I put a claim into the Motor Insurers Bureau as I had read your advice on hit and run ...


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