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Alpinestars El Nino waterproofs

Andy Downes, 26 September 2011 17:19

Alpinestars El Nino waterproofs, £89.99 Miles covered/time: 1500miles/three years What’s good: They are completely waterproof which is handy as that is their only aim. I always find it incredibly disappointing when a one-use motorcycle garment fails to perform but there is no such worry with this one-piece waterproof oversuit. Some of the rides I have worn these Alpinestars El Nino ...

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Product review: Autoglym visor cleaner

Andy Downes, 22 September 2011 12:44

Autoglym visor cleaner, £12.49 for 500mlTime used: Five years What’s good: I take this tiny bottle of visor cleaner with me everywhere I go as it’s small enough to travel but will last for at least a week or two of constant use when travelling. The price includes a large bottle that you refill the small spray bottle with. I ...

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Product review: Kriega Kube Pocket

Andy Downes, 22 September 2011 11:59

Kriega Kube Pocket, £15 at Miles covered/time: 7000/six months What’s good: I use this Kriega add-on pocket everyday with my Kreiga R30 waterproof rucksack and the combination is perfect. Kriega products for sale at the MCN Shop. It adds a huge extra layer of practicality by giving easy access to a wallet, house keys, phone or cash when stopped ...

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Arai Quantum

Andy Downes, 22 July 2011 14:56

Arai Quantum, £399 at www.mcnshop.comMiles covered/time: 15,000/one year What’s good: This Quantum lid replaced an older Arai Viper GT for one reason only; the Viper had basically worn out after years of riding and tens of thousands of miles. The comfort is top notch, the security of the shell is the same as the range-topping RX-7GP but does without the noise-generating ...

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Remus GP Revolution silencer

Andy Downes, 22 June 2011 11:27

Remus GP Revolution silencer, £342 Miles covered/time: 850/six months What’s good: This satin black Remus GP Revolution end can weighs less than half the standard Honda CBR600F-W exhaust it replaces, sounds fruitier but remains road legal, looks better and needs no mucking about with the jetting in the carburettors. My main reasons for fitting the pipe were so I could make ...

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Accumate Optimate 4 battery charger

Andy Downes, 14 June 2011 13:29

Accumate Optimate 4 battery charger, £50 at MCN Shop Time used: One year What’s good: This Optimate 4 battery charger and optimiser has been in constant use since I got it last year keeping the battery on my 1998 Honda CBR600F in perfect condition. I fitted the permanent battery terminals and have hidden the plug-in socket almost out of sight ...

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Mini Coyote speed camera detector

Andy Downes, 06 June 2011 15:19

Mini Coyote speed camera detector, from £220 (including £60 for motorcycle accessory kit) Miles covered/time: 1500/three months What's good: I've used this GPS speed camera detector and warning kit in both my car and on a motorcycle. In the car it works perfectly. The idea is that by using a phone sim card, each owner warns others using the Mini ...

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rating is 3.5

Kriega R30 Rucksack

Andy Downes, 06 June 2011 14:45

Kriega R30 Rucksack, £129 Miles covered/time: 11,000/one year What’s good: This rucksack has become an almost daily companion thanks to the completely waterproof and lined build, carrying capacity, comfort and quality; I love it. Other Kriega rucksacks get unfairly criticised for not being waterproof; something they don’t claim to be. The R30 is 100% waterproof and is big enough to ...

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Knox Zero Outdry

Andy Downes, 01 June 2011 14:29

Knox Zero Outdry gloves, £130Miles covered/time: Three months/2000 miles What’s good: They are well built, look good and are waterproof. What’s not: These are described as all season gloves; they aren’t. Not unless you live in California anyway. I wore these Knox gloves on multiple occasions in very cold conditions (below 6°C) and they are simply nowhere near warm enough. ...

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Michelin Pilot Pure tyres

Andy Downes, 23 May 2011 16:52

Michelin Pilot Pure tyres, £230 Miles covered/time: 1200/one year What's good: These are the lightest tyres in the class according to Michelin and as road tyres for my 1998 Honda CBR600F-W they seem about perfect. When I bought the bike last year it had some old and original Michelin Macadam 90X rubber fitted. I wasn’t riding a single mile on ...

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