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New rider: Avon offer free replacement on damaged or punctured tyres

Chris Dabbs, 03 December 2010 16:02

Avon tyres have got a scheme called the Road Hazard Warranty. If one of their radial tyres becomes damaged or punctured they will replace it free of charge, as long as there's no more than 1mm of wear on the centre of the tread.   To make a claim, call Avon Customer Services on: 01225-357750. They will direct you to a ...

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New Rider: Why triples rock

Chris Dabbs, 17 September 2010 15:01

The first ‘modern’ three-cylinder engine was an inline design built by the Triumph/BSA conglomerate back in the 1969 using their existing twin-cylinder motors, as a response to Honda’s revolutionary four-cylinder engine. And it’s Triumph who champion the design today in their Speed Triples and 675s. The advantages of triples are that they can rev higher than a twin, and have ...

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New Rider: Slow speed shimmy

Chris Dabbs, 09 July 2010 14:12

If you are new to biking there are lots of fresh sensations to get to grips with, from leaning into bends, to the front dipping under braking or that pull on your arms as you accelerate hard. One strange one you may come across is a shake through the forks at certain speeds, mainly between 40-50mph and mostley when you ...

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New Rider: Best 33bhp bike for distance

Chris Dabbs, 09 July 2010 14:09

Bogumil Kusiba has just passed his bike test for the 33bhp restricted licence and he wants to trade in his Honda Varadero 125. “It’s a great bike, however due to my high commuter mileage, 54 miles each way, mainly motorway. my Varadero is struggling and I am concerned that it may be too many miles for such a small  engine.” ...

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New Rider: How to ride safely on a motorway

Chris Dabbs, 11 June 2010 10:21

Motorways may be boring to ride on, but they are the safest roads in Britain despite the high speeds and vast volumes of traffic that use them. This is because they traffic joining them filters on and off on the slip roads at junctions, instead of pulling across at right angles to on coming traffic. The two streams of traffic ...

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How to tell if you have a puncture

Chris Dabbs, 04 June 2010 14:52

The tubeless tyres that are fitted to the vast majority of bikes these days are more puncture-resistant than tyres with inner tubes and don’t tend to suffer from the rapid deflation that is a characteristic of a tubed tyre when they do pick up a puncture. This is because the object that pierces the tyre often stays embedded in the ...

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New rider: Each engine has its own characteristics

Chris Dabbs, 30 April 2010 14:47

When you first start out, chances are that you will go through several changes of bike, from a small capacity two-stroke scooter, to a 1000cc inline four, 900cc V-twin or 675cc triple. Each engine has its own characteristics, and that includes vibration. When you’ve been used to it at one frequency or a certain revs, then it can be disconcerting ...

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New rider: Learning your bike's noises

Chris Dabbs, 30 April 2010 14:30

Bikes have a disconcerting habit of rattling at different times, and it’s hard to tell whether it’s serious, or just a sign of a certain age. If it sounds like it is coming from the clutch area when the bike is ticking over, it’s caused by the plates and other parts chattering around when there is no load on them. ...

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Suzuki owners: Check your coolant colour, now!

Chris Dabbs, 08 January 2010 17:19

If you are buying a Suzuki that is less than three years old and the engine coolant isn't green, start asking questions. Because someone somewhere has drained the factory-fitted coolant out and replaced it with aftermarket stuff. The only reason they should have for draining it is that the engine has been apart which indicates there was something wrong with ...

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How to corner with confidence - part 5

Chris Dabbs, 31 December 2009 12:41

Here's the final key to supreme cornering, the final part of our five-section guide ­ accelerating out of the bend. STAGE FIVEAccelerate: You've leant the bike into the corner with a smooth, progressive movement that keeps the bike stable and balanced and helps you maintain your speed right through the bend on a balanced throttle. Now the vision limit is ...


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