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Harley-Davidson Cross Bones
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5 of the coolest cruisers

By James Keen -

First rides & tests

 03 April 2009 17:30

Are cruisers cool? Ask most UK riders and the answer will most likely be 'no', but these 5 custom bikes could raise the eyebrows of even hardened sports bike fans. 

Bikes like the Yamaha V-Max, Harley-Davidson Night Rod and Triumph Rocket III have cruiser style but sportsbike-beating pace - in a straight line at least. 

The Harley-Davidson Cross Bones and Kawasaki Drifter can't match the other bikes here in performance terms but their eccentric looks make them great fun for Sunday morning cruising.  

Here's 5 of the coolest funky, fast or fun cruisers:


Harley-Davidson VRSCD Night Rod

Harley-Davidson VRSCD Night Rod (2006-current)
"The Harley-Davidson Night Rod is the third derivative of the controversial (but undeniably modern) Harley-Davidson VRSC V-Rod family. It's for those who like their bikes hot-rod style – and black. In practical terms it’s halfway between the laid back Harley-Davidson V-Rod and semi-sporty roadster Harley-Davidson Street Rod. And that’s no bad thing: a modern Harley with style and ability."


Yamaha V-Max

Yamaha V-Max (2008-current)
"The V-Max is what happens when you mix 1679cc and nearly 200 horsepower in a motorcycle that's one part cruiser, one part sportbike - and all parts thrilling. It's difficult to explain just how quickly the V-Max builds speed. It produces the kind of acceleration that you feel in your chest. The kind you don't soon forget.... and it handles to boot. What's the catch? Well, there's 16,500 of them..."


Kawasaki VN800 Drifter

Kawasaki VN800 Drifter (2001-current)
"Strong, reliable and with pretty funky handling for a cruiser, the Kawasaki VN800 makes for a useful bike as well as a perfect pose-machine. Massive, it’s got all the right bits in all the right places giving a good ride with loads of street presence. Not bad value but a bugger to keep clean."


Triumph Rocket III

Triumph Rocket III (2005-current)
"The Triumph Rocket III is the biggest, most bad-ass motorcycle money can buy. The specs are awesome - a 2.3-litre engine producing almost 150ft lb of torque, pistons the same size as those found in a Dodge Viper supercar and what was at one time the biggest back tyre on a production bike… The Triumph Rocket III is simply an incredible experience and bravo to Triumph for making it."


Harley-Davidson Cross Bones

Harley-Davidson Cross Bones (2008-current)
"Harley's Cross Bones is the perfect antidote to a tough week at work. It’s so comfortable, thanks to its wide, beautifully padded, hand-stitched sprung seat and rubber-topped footboards that you could almost fall asleep on it. It looks the part and the ‘Springer’ front end adds to the coolness of this Harley-Davidson."


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