The 7th Wednesday Morning Breakfast Club

By ojosef -


 24 April 2010 11:14

The 7th Wednesday Morning Breakfast Club took place on 21st April 2010 in Trafalgar Square, it was a great success.

The numbers just keep on rising and the show of rider support against the bike parking tax and the antagonists Westminster City Council is increasing.

So far Westminster City Council have failed to comment, whereas in the past they have always been quick to label the riders against the bike parking tax with all sorts of defamatory names.. this is not the case now, if they even try to, they will fall flat on their face.

The spin machine from Westminster City Council is well and truly dead.

The No To the Bike Parking Tax campaign are planning a MEGA WEEKEND DEMONTRATION IN CENTRAL LONDON this will be on SATURDAY, 1ST MAY 2010 and will start from the Ace Cafe who have kindly as usual allowed us to use their space and promote the campaign to all their mailing list.

For more details and a map go here or visit our forum

The fight goes on against Westminster City Hall.. we still have to nip this one in the bud now to stop the bike parking tax spreading across the UK. The court date is looming and things are hotting up.

So please join us on a ride through Central London on Sat, 1st May 2010.

And if you can please join us on the 8th Wednesday Morning Breakfast Club which will be happening on 28th April 2010, you will need to register for the SMS alert to get the location.

You can do that here (it's free to receive the alert of course!)

Thanks to all the riders for the continued support, this is an ongoing campaign and we will not stop until the bike parking tax and the idea from Westminster City Council that riders in to Central London should be taxed in order to control the demand for 2 wheeled use, a discouragement tax is ludicrous!

A show of support PLEASE! 1st May!!