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Spartan-V: the 1198-powered track car

By James Keen -

General news

 17 September 2010 13:11

Some crafty Aussies are working on a new track car powered by a Ducati 1198S engine.

The car - dubbed the Spartan-V - marries Ducati's 168bhp v-twin lump with a trellis frame and carbon fibre bodywork, helping it weigh in at a lightweight 300kg. The designers are claiming a sub 3sec 0-60 time.

The Spartan-V will cost from $90,00 Australian dollars (£54,000) and only 300 will be made... as in 300 Spartans, get it?

It sounds like fun, but we'd prefer the £16,895 2-wheeled 1198S any day.

For more information in the Spartan-V, visit the Spartan Motor Company website at www.spartan-v.com.