Bike tax up

By Steve Farrell -

General news

 28 March 2011 11:23

Motorcycle road tax for bikes over 600cc has increased by nearly 6% in the Budget. 

The rate for over-600s has gone from £70 to £74. It’s the second rise since March 2010, when the price was £66.

Tax for bikes between 401cc and 600cc has also gone up, from £50 to £53. Bikes from 151cc to 400cc now cost £35 to tax for a year, up from £33, and bikes up to 150cc are up £1 to £16.

The BMF’s Jeff Stone accused the Government of having a ‘continual dismissive attitude about motorcycles and the contribution they can make’.

He said: "If they want to encourage more people onto bikes, this isn’t the way to do it. Despite fine words, when push comes to shove they don’t want to.

"New bike prices have gone up and now this. It’s another blow for motorcycling."