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Isle of Nan TT

By Paul Osborne -

General news

 01 June 2012 16:06

66 hours, 13 minutes and 4 seconds at an average speed of 0.56mph*.  Our pioneering eco-friendly electric vehicle race provided all the thrills of a trip to the post office but with zero emissions (excluding flatulence), meaning that no polar bears slipped into the ocean for our entertainment.

With a £10,000 prize on offer for the first electric powered vehicle to complete the 37 mile circuit at an average speed of over 100mph the competition was fierce.

Sadly the only way our vehicles were likely to reach that speed was in freefall.

The Isle of Nan TT: the only motorsport event to be timed with a sundial.

For more information contact oz@extremetrifle.com

* includes toilet time, tea breaks and snoozes.