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New MCN January 2: Biking's Endangered Species

By MCN -

General news

 02 January 2013 09:16

In this week's MCN, out January 2, we look back on the air-cooled bikes of yesteryear, as the death knell for them finally begins to ring.

We have an exclusive interview with Kevin Schwantz where the Texan legend lets rip in famous style.

Also this week: We look at the ultimate air-cooled bike, and we look at picking up a bargain KTM.

In sport: The latest news from Dakar, and an exclusive talk with elder Dunlop brother William.


This Week
New patents reveal Suzuki's new MotoGP racer will spawn the next generation of road going sports bikes, why the government's whiplash clampdown is bad news for bikers, and the BMF lose their European influence as finances take a hit.

 MCN January 11

MCN January 11


Biking's Endangered Species
With the death knell sounding for BMW and Ducati's air-cooled twins wiith the arrival of the new GS and Hypermotard, time looks like it's running out for our finned friends. But will any survive? And what kind of loss will it be if they don't?



'As desirable and pointless as a carbon fibre Spitfire' 
Nigel Wood bought his BMW HP2 Sport two years ago. While most owners of the exotic, limited-production boxer were content to revel in its acres of factory carbon and endurance spec, the former airline pilot embarked on a mission to iron out BMW's mistakes...

 MCN January 11

 MCN January 11


Schwantz on Schwantz
25 years on from his first GP wion, the Texan legend takes a trip down memory lane via MCN's picture archive. From the 1986 Transatlantic Match Races to his 1993 Donington pileup, we talk him through his career ups and downs.


Big Orange
KTM is about to embark on another assualt on the Dakar Rally, a race it has dominated for years. The firm's off-road credentials are cast iron and few brands come close. But what about KTM's road bikes and do they make for rugged-but-fun used buys?




10 Wishes for a Happy New GP Year 
British Glory. Valentino back to a winning team and warring with Jorge. Cal out front. Good luck for Ben and Brad. MotoGP reporter Matthew Birt looks at his top ten wishes for the 2013 season.


Honda at Dakar: The Empire Strikes Back
Honda's legendary racing arm HRC are back in the Dakar Rally with a mega-budget after a 23 year absence... and they mean business! We look at the team, the rider and the bike ahead of this week's race start




'I need to get away from Michael'
New factory deals for the Dunlops mean an end to the cosy relations of the past, says the eldest, as he explains to MCN who he's flying the nest. In this no-holes-barred interview, William tells of their close but pressurised relationship.