2010 Kawasaki GTR1400

2010 Kawasaki GTR1400


New 2010 Kawasaki GTR1400 gets traction control

By Andy Downes -

New bikes

 05 October 2009 10:25

This is the massively updated 2010 GTR1400, the first Kawasaki to use traction control.

The ‘super-tourer’ now features restyled bodywork to offer more weather protection and comfort, a range of touring luxuries and options, tweaked suspension and Kawasaki’s new, second-generation linked ABS brakes.

But it’s the GTR’s new traction control system, dubbed ‘KTRC’ which is the most significant development (see far right). It’s the first time Kawasaki has fitted a genuine traction control system – the 2008 ZX-10R featured a half-way house that looked for a spike in revs to indicate wheelspin.

For full details see this week's MCN

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