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Kristian von Hornsleth Ducati 1198
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Why artists should stay away from bikes. Especially Ducati 1198s

By Guy Procter -

New bikes

 08 June 2011 11:23

A Danish artist has produced 10 special edition Ducati 1198s under the title 'Kill me Fast'. Of the £62,500 bikes Kristian von Hornsleth  says: "It is precisely the bikes' blend of beauty, speed and death, which inspired me to include this 'scuplture' in my artistic work.

"The painted lines and forms interacts in a 'futilistic' attempt to investigate and challenge the given logic of the Ducatis design." He's too modest. Far from being futilistic, it's an entirely successful attempt to prove the immutable law that artists can only ever make bikes worse.

Source via twowheelsblog.com