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2013 Yamaha FJR1300 leaked

By Andy Downes -

New bikes

 25 September 2012 09:22

Yamaha's revised FJR1300 tourer was accidentally leaked for a brief period yesterday.

The bike doesn't show any major changes but it can be seen to have new side fairings, a slightly revised subframe and more up-to-date clocks, but the frame appears identical as does the engine and the rest of the major components.

There is a rumour the FJR1300 will get traction control but as this is not an official leak of information this cannot be confirmed. The bike is expected to be officially launched at next week's Cologne motorcycle show.

The two low resolution images were seen by Dutch motorcycle website Oliepeil and downloaded.

The revisions may come as a disappointment to some who have been hoping for major work on the Yamaha tourer as it has been around largely unchanged since it was new in 2001 save for the addtion of ABS in 2003 and the option of an automatic gearbox in 2006. The bike is still a popular and highly capable tourer.