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Faulty new bike

Anyone know where i can go with this problem, purchased a new Triumph STR ABS last june, it had a damaged tank which was replaced under warranty 5 months later so its been on the bike for about 8-9 months now, seat rubbed through tank and it was replaced again at the 6k service, the one they replaced it with is bad quality and so another warranty claim has been approved but they have none in stock and no idea when they will have them, during this time i have also had various other warranty claims, subframe, alarm, seat, head ...

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  • 19 August 2014

Test ride minor damage resulting in highly unreasonable claim

Recently I took a test ride on a bike I am interested in. While out on the test I stopped to take a pic of the bike and not being used to its side stand I dropped it from a standstill causing the plastic hand guard to brake, a few minor dents in a sheet metal exhaust guard, the brake lever and the pillion foot-peg. Please see enclosed pictures.Back at the dealer I agreed to mention on the form that was filled in all the bits that showed even the slightest sign as the chap there said, what it appeared ...

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  • 05 August 2014

Dealer sold me a Cat C bike!

18 months ago I bought a Suzuki Bandit from Jordans Bikes of Leeds. I have now found out that it has been a Category C insurance claim. Should the dealer have informed me of this situation?  

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  • 20 July 2014

Licence advice

I've been riding for 17 years. Mostly London. I'm sick and tired of CBT'S. My 125cc gets me from A2B quicker and most often cheaper than any other form of transport. I have no intentions of buying anything bigger than a 125cc. My problem is the pillion.I don't see why I should pay 600 quid, just to have a pillion on my 125cc. A 19 year old can benefit with a licence to ride on motorways 2up on a Ducati.I will benefit by giving the wife a lift to the tube station.I lose a lot more than 600 quid with time off work.Is there anyone else in this ...

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  • 02 July 2014

bike tracker worth it?

Have bought a lovely bike and was considering a tracker. Its the kind of bike that isnt going to be had by kids as it if quite an effort to steal it. locks, chains, disk locks and so forth. A quick google has shown that informing the police of the location of the bike and most likely thieves incurs a %XA3150 charge for them to retrieve it. I pay something called council tax and seeing as though they havent recovered any of the 3 bikes i have had nicked previously or found the scallywags i feel that doing the hard ...

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  • 29 June 2014

Exhaust length?

Have seen a bike i want, but the end of the Alfa 4into1 exhaust is about 2 inches short of the centre of the rear wheel. I'm sure that back in the 80's, the law required the exhaust to be at or further than the wheel centre....or is that not so now?

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  • 24 June 2014

Confused on licence

I passed my full motorcycle test on a 125cc bike in May 2012 and consequently was looking forward to being able to ride a larger, unrestricted bike from this month.However, on checking my entitlement on the DVLA web site, my A entitlement shows up as 'provisional'. Whereas my car licence (passed the text back in 1995) shows up as a full licence.What's going on here? Please tell me I'm not going to have to take the test again! DVLA website is b**** all use as it only tells me what I'd need to do if I hadn't passed the test ...

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  • 21 June 2014

tax bought online question on police website.

I asked the question if i could ride while waiting for tax to arrive in the post, then found this on there web site, the police replied again this time saying "ThomasYou will need to wait until it arrives as there is the offence of failing to display a valid tax diSince asking you this question I have found this answer on your ask the police website ! so i now have two answers and they contradict each other.  ? which one is right ? or more inportantly why.

06 June 2014

useless police strike again

police knocked on door this morning looking for a car he said 1st then when i told him the reg was for a bike he said  insurance details for the bike im riding,saying bike has knocked off car a mirror with handle bar or some thing else yesturday,i replied bike not out on saturday he replied oh 3 weeks ago sorry,told him bikes not hit anything as it would of knocked rider off and he could see bike to look at it, he said no need to see it,looked at insurance cert took policy number and my name then asked ...

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  • 25 May 2014

KTM corrosion warranty issues

I need some advice on my best approach. I bought a new KTM last September. I rode it until end November (3800 miles) then garaged up until March. When I took it out in March I washed it after a week and lots of paint came off the exhaust, it was badly rusted. I complained to the dealer and they agreed it would be covered under warranty. I noticed some other rust over the next few weeks on the rear spring and luggage racks. The dealer has just told me that KTM ...

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  • 22 May 2014


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