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MCN man's African adventure

By Michael Guy -

General news

 27 November 2006 16:15

MCN’s World Superbike reporter Michael Guy is currently on tour with the first Enduro Africa expedition, with 164 other fundraisers. Here’s his update after week one.

Only 24 hours after setting off from London Heathrow, 165 charity fundraisers/intrepid holidaymakers were in Port Elizabeth in South Africa and having our first rides on the machines that will form our transport over this amazing trip for the next fortnight.

The flight here went to plan for most of us, barring tense moments at Johannesburg Airport which was a bit of a lottery when it came to the luggage. Mine arrived no problem but five of the kitbags didn't make the connection, including for the photographer who's currently a bag down and has no tripod or lights for the trip.
Our final briefing saw us filled in on the organizers plans for getting all 165 of us across the African deserts in one piece. It transpired that not all the bikes have been built yet so we got our hands dirty before we started.

The Yamaha AG200 doesn't look much, as it’s essentially an agricultural farm vehicle, a million miles removed from the machines I’m used to dealing with in my normal job at work.

We get used to talking about top-spec works race bikes being priceless, but for these little Yamahas really can’t have a price tag put on them. It forms the workhorse for the nurses helped by Riders, and more than any RCV or Desmosedici, its benefits can’t be put into financial terms, because each of these AG200s directly equate to saved lives.