Pay £200 a month for your own Ducati 1098

Pay £200 a month for your own Ducati 1098


Ducati 1098 for £200 a month

By Chris Newbigging -

General news

 06 August 2007 11:38

Ducati is offering all new Ducati 1098 buyers the chance to take advantage of its new Personal Contract Purchase scheme, so you can have your own Ducati 1098 for £200 a month.

The standard Ducati 1098 costs £11,250, and for the Personal Contract Purchase scheme you’ll need to lay down a 25 per cent deposit (£2,812.50), and repay in £200 instalments over 36 months (14.9 per cent typical APR).

When you come to trade the motorcycle in, Ducati will guarantee a minimum value of £3,937.50 that you can use towards your next Ducati.

See your local dealer for further details.