Sandor Ferenci has been jailed for 12 weeks

Sandor Ferenci has been jailed for 12 weeks


136mph Youtube rider jailed

By Liam Marsden -

General news

 20 October 2008 14:06

An Oxfordshire biker has been jailed for 12 weeks after posting footage of himself on Youtube.

The video - which has since been removed from Youtube - posted by 28-year-old Sandor Ferenci showed him wheelying, skidding and 'racing' on the opposite side of the road on his Yamaha R6.

Sergeant Bryan Smith, Thames Valley Police said: "The level of driving, or riding in this case, quite clearly falls far below what we expected from a safe and competent rider.

"By behaving in this way he has not just put himself at risk, but others at risk as well."

Ferenci got a friend to film his antics, and although his speed was not recorded, police estimated he had been riding at 130mph.

As well as being jailed for 12 weeks Ferenci was disqualified from driving for two years and ordered to take an extended driving test as he pleaded guilty to two counts of dangerous driving.