Video: Horse box speed camera – the proof

By Steve Farrell -

General news

 31 March 2008 14:35

Here’s the proof that police are using a speed camera disguised as a horse box to trap motorcycles. 

The sneaky new speed camera was spotted on Sunday on a 60mph road at Maenan, near Llanrwst, North Wales, hunting ground of notorious police chief Richard Brunstrom. 

North Wales Police refused to comment on the horse box camera but issued a statement which included: "As days get longer we can anticipate many more motorcycles riding in North Wales...

"With our partners we are seeking to reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries to motorcyclists and other road users through education, rider awareness, engineering and enforcement.

“Our enforcement activity will increase as the days get longer, but we're not prepared to comment now on the precise tactics that will be used.”

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