The Colorado Norton Works Norton Cafe

The Colorado Norton Works Norton Cafe


Hear the Beautiful Norton Café

By Mike Nicks -

Custom & modified bikes

 18 March 2009 09:52

In the Colorado Norton Works, way up in the Rocky Mountains in the USA, they’re building a rare batch of probably the world’s most expensive Norton Commandos – at £27,300/$39,500 each.

The bike is called the Norton Café – and you can see and hear this gorgeous 858cc British parallel twin on the video here.

Matt Rambow, head of CNW, is building just 13 Norton Cafés in batches of three, a project that will take until the summer of 2010 to complete.

British enthusiast Richard Barks has already ordered the first of these 60bhp specials.

They include Comstock fuel injection, Brembo disc brakes, a CNC-machined cylinder head, suspension lowered by 2in, a hydraulic clutch, belt primary drive and hand-formed alloy body panels.

Read the full story on the incredible CNW Norton Café project in this week’s MCN, and go to for more details.