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AOL users

AOL uses its own browser technology that is often unfriendly to third-party applications, such as those used on many websites. This can be remedied by connecting to the Internet using AOL, and then going to World Wide Web, minimising your AOL browser and launching Internet Explorer 6 or greater. You may find it advantageous to use a hotmail email account to register with as AOL prevents many emails from group providers (such as companies like ourselves). On receipt of your validation email, rather than click on the link to validate, copy the url (web address) in the link and paste it into a new browser window (ideally outside of the AOL console). If you have already registered and not received your validation email, try reducing your security settings temporarily, before logging in to our site and requesting that your validation email is resent. If you are still not having success email us

Badges in community:

There are four badges which are displayed on profiles and forum posts in our community section. They are: Website Staff, Experts (Industry and MCN expert advisors), Moderators (Able to handle forum disputes etc), and Bronze,Silver and Gold awards for participation on the site.

The Bronze badge is awarded at 1000 points, the Silver awarded at 2000 points, and the Gold at 3000 points. Points are given for forum posts, articles, images and videos submitted, and reviews of bikes and kit submitted.

Buying a bike (Bikes for Sale)

Our Motorcycles For Sale section is packed with 1000s of great used bike deals. New adverts are uploaded several times a day so our selection is the freshest.

0333 phone numbers - Bikes sold by dealers in MCN will usually show an 0333 number instead of the dealer's "normal" landline number - please be assured that the cost of calling these numbers will never be more than a local call, even from mobiles. Also, like normal "01" and "02" numbers, they are included as part of inclusive call minutes and discount schemes from all major mobile phone and landline operators. 0333 numbers are NOT like 08 numbers, which may include premium charges.

0871 phone numbers - Private advertisers, for privacy reasons, can choose to "mask" their phone numbers when placing an ad in MCN. If a seller has chosen to do this, their numbers will appear as 0871 numbers in their advert. Calls to 0871 numbers provided by BT cost 10p/min at all times. Mobiles and calls from other operators may vary. Callers are encouraged to confirm with their mobile operator the charge for calling an 0871 number. Mobile operators are obliged to make their call charges readily available to their customers.

MCN Bike of the Day - MCN will at the sole discretion of its editorial team mark selected adverts as "Bike of the day", where the team believe that the advert will be of interest to readers. These adverts are selected solely on the basis of the information contained in the advert, which we cannot verify or guarantee. As such, the marking of an advert as bike of the day does not constitute any form of advice, recommendation, representation, endorsement or arrangement by us and is not intended to be relied upon by you in making (or refraining from making) any specific investment or purchase. If you are the owner of a bike marked as "Bike of the day" and wish to have editorial opinion removed from your advert, please contact

Email Alerts – FAQ

How do I set up an email alert?
To set up alerts you need to be registered with MCN and logged in (use the sign in/register link at the top of the page).

When registering you must also agree to receive emails from MCN, e.g. do NOT tick the first box in the "promotional information" section.

Once you are logged in, all you need to do is:

- Go to the bikes for sale section
- Search for the type of bike you are looking for
- Click on the link above the search box "Get email alerts for this search"

And that's it!

We'll do the hard work of checking every time new bikes that match your search are added to our bikes for sale section. All you need to do is check your email inbox.

How often do I receive emails?
We'll only send you emails when new bikes are added that match your saved alert(s) - you can have up to five alerts running at any one time - so how often you receive alerts depends on how often bikes of the type you are looking for come up for sale. For instance, if you're looking for any Honda 600, you will get very frequent alerts; if you're looking for 2004 Honda CBR600RRs in a specific price range no more than 50 miles from you, you'll get much less frequent alerts.

We check the site every time bikes from dealers and private advertisers are added, so with email alerts you will always be the first to know!

Email Alerts – Troubleshooting tips

If you have set up an alert but have not received any emails, please check these common errors:

1. The email address in your MCN profile may be incorrect. To check your email address:
- Log in using the link at the very top of the page
- Click on the link "Hello username" at the very top of the page
- Click the "edit account" button on your profile page
- Check your email address and change it if required
- Click the "Update" button

2. When you set up your MCN account, you did not agree to receive emails from MCN. To check your contact settings:
- Log in using the link at the very top of the page
- Click on the link "Hello username" at the very top of the page
- Click the "edit account" button on your profile page
- Under "promotional information", make sure the first box is NOT ticked
- Click the "Update" button

3. We have been sending you emails but your email system has been putting them straight into your junk or spam folders. Check your junk/spam folders and if necessary change the settings to allow emails from the relevant MCN address.

4. You are searching for a very specific type of bike, and no additional bikes matching that search have appeared yet. The more you narrow a search, the less likely it is that matching bikes will come up frequently. Consider deleting the alert and setting up an alert with broader search criteria in its place.


Anyone can view the forums and posts, but you will need to be registered and signed in with to be able to post your own messages. Once you have posted a message, you will have the option to Edit and Delete your own post at any point.


To complete your profile and allow other users to see your details, you will need to be registered and signed in to To view your own profile, simply click on your username at the top of any page. You will then see an option to Editor Your Online Profile, to display the bikes you own, the type of riding you do, and even your favourite band. You can also post links to your blog etc. If there is profile information you do not wish to display to other users, you can select to hide individual details.

You can also upload an image to use as your Avatar, which will be displayed alongside any forum posts you make, and an image to display on your profile.

Your profile page also displays any MCN users you have added as a Friend, and a list of your contributions to articles, reviews and forums.

Registration (difficulties with)

Over 225,000 motorcyclists have registered with without difficulty or delay but occasionally some would-be users encounter problems. If you are one of them please read the following:

1.When selecting a password it should be 6-10 numbers/letters in length. Please only use numbers and letters – no spaces, dots, dashes, commas or similar. Failure to comply will result in the registration process failing to complete.

2.Your password must not match your username. Both are case sensitive.

3.Your security answer should be different from both your username and password.

4 You must input a valid UK postcode address. If you do not have one (ie are an overseas user) we suggest you use PE2 6EA - our offices'.

5 Be very careful when completing your email address. A validation email will be sent to this address. Choose an address you can access at any time.

6 Check cookies are enabled on your internet browser: If you are using Internet Explorer, go to 'Tools', select 'internet options' then click the 'privacy' tab, click 'advanced' and untick 'overide automatic cookie handling'. Click apply/ok and then open a new browser and try again. For other browsers please refer to 'help' on your own computer. And/or reduce the ‘security setting’ from high. If you insist on leaving your security setting on high please add to your list of ‘trusted sites’.

7 Be aware that some email spam filters, firewalls and other ISP-side security regard the validation email as a threat or a ‘bulk commercial’ mailing as it contains a url link. In most cases the mail is simply redirected into a ‘bulk’ folder or other folder away from your inbox, but one which you can access. Please check this has not occurred in your case before contacting us for further advice. Yahoo is notorious for this. Btinternet addresses sometimes auto-file emails of this kind into your trash. Please check that basket if this applies to your email provider.

8. AOL users may experience particular difficulties when registering. If you are able to, it may be wiser to register using an alternative email address (eg a hotmail account). If this is not an option for you, and you do not receive your validation email, please contact us immediately using the following email address:

9. Do a forced refresh (hold down the control key and the F5 key together).

10. Clear your 'history'.

11. If you have checked all of the above and still need further assistance please contact us at and we will be happy to assist you in completing your registration.


All classified advertising of the kind you place in Sell Your Bike (and in any other publication) can leave you open to approaches from fraudsters. For this reason do not reply to any suspicious-sounding emails you may receive (you will reveal your email address, which your online ad does not). Beware of emails which simply repeat phrases from your advert or which offer more than the asking price. Never send money, even if you have received a cheque. If you do receive a cheque for over the asking price, it is likely to be a forgery. While your bank will probably initially accept it, clear it and allow you to draw against it, it is likely to finally bounce leaving you out of pocket. Buyers should be equally wary of extremely low-priced merchandise.

Sell Your Bike 

To book an ad online simply click any of the links around the site to Sell Your Motorcycle, or select Motorcycles For Sale from our main navigation and then click the link at the top of the page to Sell your Motorcycle. Then simply follow the online instructions. Classifed Ads have to be read and approved before appearing online so will not appear immediately. At the point of booking and on approval you will be sent an email detailing exactly when your ad will appear online and in the newspaper.

Signing In

Please be aware that usernames are case sensitive, so you will need to use capital letters where appropriate. Also, please be aware that if you registered beteen January and March 2007, you may need to have re-registered with the site

Submitting a story, picture, or video

To submit a news or sports article for the Reader News sections of News and Sport simply go to the appropriate section of the site. The lnik to submit a story is present on every article, or on the main pages for the News and Sport section. Simply complete the form with a title, your article text, and upload any necessary image and video files, and then submit your article. If you wish, you can submit an article anonymously, by ticking the ‘submit anonymously’ box before clicking submit.

Used bike prices registration

You have to register with your email address to access the used bike prices section.

It doesn't matter whether or not you have registered previously with the site (for instance to post forum messages or an owner's review, or to get email alerts), you will still need to enter your email address before accessing used prices.

You do not need to re-enter your email every time you visit - we use "cookies" to know whether you've done this previously on the PC or other device you may be using. But you will need to re-enter your email in these situations:

- If you have deleted cookies from your PC / tablet /mobile / other device
- If you are using a different PC / tablet /mobile / other device to the one you first viewed used prices on
- If the cookie that controls access has expired (this will always be at least 30 days after you first registered)

Read our full privacy policy