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Bauer Motoring Resources

Bauer Consumer Media owns more than eighty influential brands spanning a wide range of interests. Our specialist motoring portfolio has a number of top magazines and websites that readers of Motorcycle News may find interesting. For more information, click the relevant links below.


The following websites may be of interest to all car drivers and motorists, featuring new car news and reviews, car classifieds and listings and a wide range of available motoring products:


Parker's has been researching the vehicle market since 1972. The website is a great stop if you are looking for new or used cars, and it provides free car valuations to help you find the best deal. You can also find out information about your car warranty on a new section of the site.

CAR Online

CAR Online - the online arm of CAR Magazine. The home for definitive car news and information, putting you in the driving seat of the world’s best cars with unrivalled insight and opinion. You can find all the top new car guides, car classifieds, car forums, road tests, car reviews and first drives on the web.

Specialist Motoring

Land Rover Owner International

Land Rover Owner Magazine website brings you all the latest news on land rover events, together with a rich community featuring a land rover forum (great if you have a land rover for sale), blogs, picture galleries, model profiles and polls.

Max Power Car Magazine

Max Power presents you with performance car news and articles on the world's best modified cars, to inspire your own performance tuning and styling. You can watch our performance car videos, and then check out the great selection of performance car parts available in our store.

Classic Cars and Bikes

For those lovers of the classic and retro motors, this portfolio of websites brings you the best of vintage driving:

Classic Cars Magazine

Classic Cars Magazine, the quality online car magazine. Bringing you the latest in classic car events, road tests, the best classic car buying guide paired with classic cars for sale, and all the important car news and photos online at

Classic Bike

Classic Bike - Real bikes for blokes with spanners. We bring you the best in classic motorcycles, including dossiers on the beasts, a discussion forum, places to acquire classic motorcycle parts, a diary of classic motorcycle events and more!

Practical Classics

Practical Classics magazine, integrating the classics into your life. You'll find a practical classic car buying guide, a location to post classic cars for sale, and classic car events and forums at

Trade Automotive

Information and news for people who use a company car, work in the vehicle fleet industry or need automotive industry research.

Sewells Automotive Information & Research

Sewells Information & Research has been acknowledged as the pre-eminent source of automotive industry research for over 40 years, reviewing the automotive industry news and helping businesses run more efficiently and effectively with authoritativeautomotive industry reports.

Fleet News

Fleet News Online is the website for the UK and European vehicle fleet industry offering vehicle fleet industry research and other essential information to mangers of cars and light commercial vehicles; including fleet van news and fleet vehicle road tests.

AM Online

AM is the definitive business magazine for the automotive industry, drawing together and distilling a unique collection of information resources; including an automotive jobs board, automotive forums, and the well-known AM automotive directory.

Company Car Driver

Company Car Driver offers a variety of services to save you money and time, and help you out on the road. For example, we offer a company car tax calculator, a regular update on petrol prices, and a number of online traffic services for keeping you in the know.