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What’s caused 955 Daytona electrics to overheat?

MCN, 09 July 2012 16:51

Q. I have just replaced the stator and regulator/rectifier on my 2005 43,000-mile 955i Triumph Daytona. The problem I now have is that the wiring from the alternator and the 30-amp fuse is getting very hot. I’ve checked the battery readings when switched off for an hour, at tickover and 5000rpm. They are: 11.65 volts, 3.37 volts and 13.45 volts ...

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How can I restrict a Honda VF400F?

MCN, 25 June 2012 15:14

Q. I am looking into buying a Honda VF400F. But I can't find a 33bhp kit or any legal way of restricting it. I have tried as many people and places as I can think of, including Honda dealerships and the like. As far as I can see the only way is to do the DAS course (I have a ...

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Why is my ZX-6R’s front end juddering under braking?

MCN, 15 June 2012 11:06

Q. When I brake at slow speed on my Kawasaki ZX-6R J2 track bike it feels as if the brakes are only working intermittently and at higher speeds the front shudders a lot. The brake pads are new, the brake fluid is fine with no air and the Galfer discs have done around 4000 miles in the last four years.Luciano, ...

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How to remove a seized bolt from CBR600F Sport’s radiator

MCN, 07 June 2012 17:41

Q. I've a Honda CBR600F Sport and was just about to give it a good clean today when one of the bolts on the V-piece under the radiator just kept turning. So I thought I'll take the left-hand fairing off and carefully take the V-piece off with the left-hand fairing. All was going well until I found another seized bolt ...

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Why is my almost-new Kawasaki Z1000SX rattling?

MCN, 07 June 2012 16:59

Q. I have a new Kawasaki Z1000SX with 900 miles on the clock, which has a faint rattle. It comes in when I am gently opening the throttle at low revs in the low gears. It’s similar to pinking or a tappet rattle. I am not labouring the bike at all, but it goes as the bike revs higher. I ...

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What’s causing my Honda Hornet’s rattle?

MCN, 28 May 2012 13:56

Q. I was advised the rattle on my Honda Hornet 600 was probably the camchain tensioner, so I had a new one fitted, but now the rattle has returned. However, where it used to rattle when cold, it’s now fine when cold and rattles when warm. It comes from the right hand side of the bike and around the head/carb ...

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Why is my Yamaha R6 dying on me?

MCN, 23 May 2012 16:17

Q. I recently rebuilt my 2002 Yamaha R6 and all seems ok. It starts up and ticks over OK, but when I go to ride off it feels like it’s got no fuel and the revs die on me. She will restart just fine, when I go to ride off it will get less than a 100 yards then die ...

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My Suzuki GSX-R750 is overheating

MCN, 23 May 2012 12:14

Q. I have a 2003 Suzuki GSX-R750 and when it gets to its max temperature (107 degrees) it overheats and cuts out in traffic, I have to wait until it cools down before it starts again. It was fully serviced a month ago so all fluid levels are fine. It also happened before the service, I’ve been told that it ...

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Why is my Deauville playing up?

MCN, 23 May 2012 12:07

Q. I was riding home on the M6 yesterday after a weeks touring round Scotland on my Deauville when my rev counter went haywire then died. Shortly after, the bike backfired twice and the engine cut out leaving me to coast over to the hard shoulder. I had to get my breakdown company to bring me and the bike home ...

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What’s causing front-end shimmy?

MCN, 30 April 2012 13:43

Q. I am getting a slight front end shimmy at higher speed on my Honda CBR600F. The bike is fitted with Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsas and I’ve done 1000 miles on them during which time they have been brilliant; very stable and with tons of grip. I did do a track day the other day.Gareth Vaughan, email A. If it ...


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